GS Motorsports SR20DET Stage 1 Kit


The GS Motorsports SR20DET Stage 1 Kit is the kit designed for those who want to keep their 240sx going and going and going. Reliability is carefully pushed up to keep the SR motor at tip top shape. This is a great way to build up an SR20DET motor to perform to its best ability! Expect horsepower gains of 50+ to the wheels.

Includes The Following:

Redtop SR20DET Stock redtop motor producing 205 horsepower and 203 lbs/ft of torque. These motors include a 5 speed transmission and ECU.

GS Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler - A decrease in air intake temperature provides a denser intake charge to the engine and allows more air and fuel to be combusted per engine cycle, increasing the output of the engine.

Walbro High Pressure/High Volume 255 LPH Fuel Pump This is a must to provide the extra fuel needed for those with an aftermarket boost controller who plan on exceeding the stock 7 PSI of boost.

GS Motorsports Hotpipe Designed to cool the inlet temperature to the motor.

GS Motorsports Downpipe - By increasing the exhaust flow from the turbo via larger diameter piping, we are able to dramatically increase turbo efficiency, power, and response.

RFL Blowoff Valve - This valve relieves compressor pressure surge caused by changing gears or backing off the throttle quickly and is designed for turbo charged engines.

Full 1 year warranty on intercooler, hotpipe, downpipe, and blow off valve.
Other options available for an additional charge. Please consult a product specialist for more information.

GS Motorsports certified installation.

Full GS Motorsports SR20DET Stage 1 Kit: $4700 Now: $4199 plus tax


FYI Warning!

GS Motorsports recommends the professional installation of proper gauges to monitor your performance and keep the engine life of your SR20DET. A Boost, EGT, and Fuel Pressure and Air Ratio gauges are highly recommended.
GS Motorsports also has kits available for RB25DET, RB26DETT, 2JZ and 1JZ swaps as well. Please consult a product specialist for more information.